Georgia Rose ‘Parfino’ mint green ankle boots

mint green ankle boots with wooden heel and elasticated side


Mint green ankle boots, £135

My obsession with low-heeled boots continues, and as soon as I found these mint green ankle boots by Georgia Rose, all I could think was, “Where were YOU all winter, when I was desperately seeking pale/pastel boots to wear with my mint coloured cords?” Ah well, not to worry: as I’ve mentioned a few times now, I’m slowly coming to accept the complete lack of seasons here in the UK, and am easing myself into the idea of boots as something that can be worn all year round, as opposed to only in the autumn/winter (I realise this is no big deal to most people, but I’ve always clung onto the idea of wearing “summer” shoes in summer and boots in winter, with not much crossover between the two. Silly, I know.), and I think this particular colour will perfect for spring. Mint is one of my favourite colours, anyway, but although we saw plenty of shoes in that colour last summer, mint green ankle boots are a much more unusual sight, which is why I was pleased to stumble across these.

I was also pleased to find the camel version, which is also available:

suede camel ankle  boots with low heel

Take away the trendy colour, and you’re left with the kind of classic ankle boot I’m sure most of us could find a use for. Again, the pale colour won’t be much use during the worst of the winter, but will come in useful during the cool, dry days of Spring (or at least, I hope they’ll be dry…) when you still need the warmth of a boot, but still want to keep the colour light and springlike.

These are £135 at Sarenza, and start at size UK 2.5, which is good news for those of you with smaller feet!

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