Friday Fix | Christian Louboutin Autonodo Resille ankle boots

black boots with bows by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Autonodo Resille, £625

What is it about bows that makes them so irresistible, I wonder? I mean, plain black ankle boots with a high heel? Nice, but not very interesting – or not to this ShoeperWoman, anyway. Plain black boots with three little bows on the front of them, however? Totally different story. Also: yes please.

It’s not JUST the bows that makes these more appealing than your average shoe boots, though: there’s also that mesh section on top, which creates the illusion that the bows are floating on the top of your foot, rather than attached to the shoe. That sounds a little bit strange when you put it like that, but I think it works wonderfully well, and almost gives them the same kind of shape as  court shoe, rather than an ankle boot.

I know some of you are probably wondering what you’d wear under these: I know that while I’m happy to wear shoes with bare feet, boots are only comfortable if worn with some form of hosiery, but with these you’d have to be very aware that whatever you wore with them would possibly be visible underneath the mesh. That rules out thick white socks, then, but I think coloured tights could create an interesting contrast, and if you want to maintain the look of bare feet underneath, low-cut “footie” socks would probably be fine, too.

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  • Good call with the footie socks. I was wondering about that too. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about these, but the more I look at them the more I like them.

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