Formspring Thursday: Red shoes or black shoes?

A quick roundup of some of the questions I’ve been answering this week on Formspring:

Red or Black V. Westwood Lady Dragon Wax Orb Seal Slingbacks? They’re currently on Brand Alley for £39 a pair!

Whichever you think you’ll wear most! I like red shoes, which work better with my wardrobe than black, but if you think you’ll get more use out of the black, go for those!

 What are some of your tips for blogging, that helped make your blog so successful?

I think consistency is probably the main thing. You have to be very dedicated, make sure the site is updated regularly and just keep at it, no matter what.

I am in love with Bertie’s San Antonio shoe but it seems like I have clocked on to them too late as they are no longer in stock anywhere (in a size 5). HELP! I MUST get these shoes for my girlfriend!

If they’re no longer sold anywhere, I think your best bet would be eBay – it’s the only place I know where you can sometimes pick up sold-out shoes (if you’re lucky!).

Sorry if this sounds rude but what date was your last foreveramber post? On my computer it says July 2nd, but I think you may have written more since then. Your blogs have stopped updating for me before, so i know that it isn’t you! Thankyou.

Hi! Don’t worry, you don’t sound rude at all! July 2nd was the last post – I’ve actually decided to have a break from Forever Amber for a while, so your computer is right!

I got a pair of Steve Maddens.It is a size too big.The problem is, I live in Ghana, West Africa, and the shoes were bought in New York.Is getting a cobbler to resize them a good idea? I will send the link in another message. Thanks.

I couldn’t open the link, but I actually think your cobbler is the only person who could answer this in any case. A good cobbler can work wonders, though, so it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Good luck!

More questions? Ask them here.


  • To the last question. A very good cobbler should be able to resize them. If you want to look up The Sartorialist blog, in the May 2010 archives, it details the story of how a girl called Lia Belle managed to do just that.

    (I’m not sure what the policy here is regarding on posting links to other site/blogs, but I have given enough information so that anyone who really wants the info can find it on any search engine. And if I am breaking policy, sorry! just delete this comment)

  • I keep trying to comment on this post but it just aint happening. I love these red shoes so much I went straight over to Brand Alley to buy them but they’re sold out in my size. Curses. I’ll just have to spend the money on gas and electricity instead.

    • Hmm, for some reason WordPress sent your earlier comments to the spam folder – it does this from time to time, and I’ve no idea why, it just picks some unsuspecting person and decides not to let their comments through! Sorry about that, you should be fine now, and I’ll make a mental note to check the spam folder more often!

  • I would have serious trouble deciding between the red and the black shoes. And I was wondering about ForeverAmber, so that was good to know!

  • I was begining to wonder as my comments often don’t get through…sniff.
    Indeed, the one I sent saying that I hope you come back to Forever Amber before too long as I miss reading it seems to have got lost in the ether too.

    • Oh, sorry! WordPress seems to have been having a bad week – I had exactly the same thing happen to me with a friend’s blog: I couldn’t comment and she thought I’d stopped reading, but it turned out all my comments were going to spam – aargh! Will go and check it again now – apologies to anyone else who’s had this happen: if you notice comments not appearing, feel free to drop me an email or send me a message on Twitter or something and I’ll check it. (Although now that I know it’s been doing this, I’ll make sure I check it regularly!)

  • I was just thinking of asking about the Forever Amber blog…I thought that maybe my computer had got stuck! LOL!

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