Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 25/75: Flower Power

WHAT: Forever 21 floral print platforms
WHEN: June 2011
WHERE: On holiday in LA
WITH: Black Zara mini dress

These are the one and only pair of shoes I bought in California: a pair of floral-print platforms from good ol’ Forever 21:

These shoes were all of about $22, and I’d been hankering after a pair of floral-print shoes for a while, so it seemed silly not to buy them at that price, although I may well have been a little less keen to hand over my cash if I’d realised how difficult they were going to be to walk in! Now, as you know, I pretty much live in heels, so I don’t have a problem walking in them. These, though, are a challenge even for me, because they put the foot at such an angle that it’s really difficult not to feel like you’re clomping along in them. Kinda ruins the image a bit, does’t it?

Still, with that said, I have actually worn these a couple of times since I’ve been back, so I am getting my money’s worth out of them. I’m just making sure I do it on days when I’m not planning on doing a large amount of walking!

The moral of the story? They’re only a bargain if you can actually walk in them. Do not as I do, shoe savers…


  • Oh I sympathize! They really look difficult, the little divas šŸ™‚ I have a pair like that, too, with the nicest chambray fabric covering them and an insane heel (for me). I saw them at Primark for 13ā‚¬ and couldn’t resist. Well, I can’t walk for long in them either, but good for me: I don’t often get chances to wear them anyway! Day is saved šŸ˜‰

    Relatable Style

    • I guess we can always argue that shoes like this aren’t really designed for long walks in – we can just pretend we’re rich and be driven everywhere! And, you know, carried into places on a litter, like the queens we are!

  • A pair of heels that Amber isn’t able to walk in :s Wow, I never knew this day would come!
    Not being able to walk aside, these are pretty pumps! Also, I love your simple Zara dress šŸ™‚

  • I just drooled. These are gorgeous! I’m currently channeling my shoe money into a housing deposit so I can have my Wall’O’Shoes! Shoe warnngs heeded!

  • Confess it: the pictures were made for a fashion magazine, right? You look sooooo like a model, so gorgeous! And by the way, I looove floral prints, and these shoes, this color, I simply looooved them, and waaaant them – OK, you’ll say, so many letters, exaggerated, but I really loved them!

  • I love those shoes, but know what you mean about some are made with the same heel as others but are hard to walk in….at least they are very pretty so you can pop them on you shelf and look at them like they are a nice reminder of your holiday (a cheap one too!)

    • Yeah, it’s really weird, because I have other shoes that are just as high, and which *look* more or less the same shape, but for some reason I can walk fine in those, which is what made me think these would be the same! Ah well, at least they weren’t expensive!

  • The dress and the pictures are amazing! I’m not a fan of florals, but these shoes have a very sexy shape, and they look great! It’s a pity that it’s difficult to walk in them!

  • They look like they have the same shape as my Sakura from Topshop heels, which are a nightmare to walk in (almost even just to stand in!) but so lovely to look at I just had to buy them:)

    Anyways, great shoe challenge post as always!:))

  • I let out a little squeal when I saw this because for the first time ever I HAVE THE SAME SHOES! At second look I realized I don’t actually as mine were from Go Jane, not Forever21 but they are so similar (both in look and price) I’m counting them anyway.

    These are mine (damn it, they’re now on sale!):
    I also got them in a blue and white which are now sold out.

    By the by, my shoes have the same clomping issue, I wore them just yesterday and while I’m normally fine in heels I had trouble with these.

  • i tried those on a couple months ago and fell in love. i wanted to buy them but even at that price there isnt any room in this poor college kid’s wallet. they are high, but they are gorgeous. i have a another set of heels from F21 with a similar fit, so i’m getting used to super high heels. maybe i’ll just “splruge” (for me anyway, haha :)) and buy them.

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