Faith shoes goes into administration

Oh, say it ain’t so!

Faith shoes announced this afternoon that the company has gone into administration: the above message is currently displayed on the website, although as you can see, branches and concessions will still be trading as normal for the time being.

This is really sad news for shoe lovers: Faith have been a stalwart of the UK high street for a long time now and are the first port of call for many a woman in need of a great pair of party shoes. I’m really hoping the brand can be saved – Shoewawa is reporting that Debenhams may be poised to step in and buy them out – but if they do cease to trade, they will be very sadly missed.

Of course, if you really want to save Faith, I guess a good way to give the brand a boost would be to head out this weekend and buy some of their shoes. Anyone with me?


  • I am sooo not suprised or all that sadened by this news…

    They are sooo expencive, even in their ‘sales’ they’re still expencive so that probably explains why they’ve ended up in this state…

    Sadly this will mean yet another empty shop in my local shopping centre when they do finally close their doors…

    • You might think faith shoes are expensive, but as already said, think of all the jobs being lost including mine too. Il miss faith shoes but miss the faith girlies even more! Keep hoping for a buyer girls.

    • I work at faith and am very sad to see it go. i love my job especially the girls i work with who are some of my closest friends!

      and as for the comment that faith shoes are expensive (note the correct spelling!!!) they are not. we have good quality shoes, which is more than can be said for other stores. we are not as expensive as some of the high street stores and we sure do offer good prices in the sale as we have shoes that are Β£25.

      Plus there are all the people who will lose their jobs and I quite like being a faithlet. so please do come and buy some shoes and help save us!

  • Emily please don’t be insensitive saying you aren’t at all ‘saddened’. That’s 1800 jobs down the drain, including mine.

    • Sorry to hear that JS, I hope something can be done to bring the company out of administration.

      I actually don’t think Faith’s pricing was wildly different to any comparable brands, really – Dune, Office, Topshop, etc all charge roughly the same and some charge more: Faith isn’t the cheapest brand around, sure, but the pricing seems pretty standard to me.

  • I did see my local store in Leeds with store closing signs in it and everything reduced but I thought it may have been just the one as the area atm is pretty slow.

    This is such a shame πŸ™
    Condolences to anyone made redundant by this xx
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..NOTD =-.

  • Aww this is sad news πŸ™ I really like Faith shoes.

    FP, as soon as I saw this I just turned around to my bf and said how I’ll just have to buy some shoes from them now… and then I read what you wrote so… I’m with you!

  • Oooh no what a shame – Faith shoes are lovely and if I were spending in that price bracket of faith, topshop, dune etc I’d go for a Faith design over the rest. Hope someone buys it out and saves those jobs…

  • I wish I could join you in a Faith visit, but the only branch near me closed a couple of years ago.

    I disagree that they’re overpriced, and I shall miss them. πŸ™

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