Elisabetta Franchi mint bow court shoes

mint pointed court shoes with bow

mint high heeled shoes with bow

Elisabetta Franchi pumps, £186

I have to admit, I was actually a little bit relieved when I realised these shoes were sold out in my size. Well, if they’d been available, they’d have gone straight onto my “OMG-I-Must-Have-These-Now” list, and, honestly, the LAST thing I need right now is to be spending almost £200 on a pair of shoes. Even super-cure ones with a fabulous little stripe bow. Ahem.

Actually, these are currently sold out in almost EVERY size:  this is the big drawback of sites like Yoox.com, unfortunately – they have some fantastic shoes (if you’re willing to search for them), but they’re generally past-season stock, which means you’re not always guaranteed to find your size. These are still available in UK sizes 5 and 6, but if neither of those would fit you, and you fell in love with these at first sight, like I did, feel free to hate me.

If it’s any comfort, as pretty as that mint/turquoise upper is, these do have a very summery feel to them, and the pale colours probably wouldn’t be too practical right now for those of us headed into winter. If you can hold out until the weather starts to warm up and dry out again, though, these would make such a fresh, pretty addition to your spring shoe collection, and the classic style will look just as good then as it does now: or even better, actually, considering how perfectly these would look with spring pastels and cool fabrics.

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