DUO Boots ‘Farrah’ green suede knee boots

green suede knee high boots

♥ DUO ‘Farrah’ green knee high boots, £220

A few weeks ago I showed you DUO’s green suede ‘Bach’ boots, saying I loved everything about them… except the large platform, which gave them a bit too much of a 1970s feel for my taste. Well, the boot-Gods (Yes, they exist…) must have been listening to me, because today I took a look at the DUO website, and ta da! It’s the same green, knee-high suede, but with a slimmer heel and an almost non-existent platform. Perfect!

Well.. not quite. These boots have a mid-height heel, and, because I am me, I’d always prefer a high one. I don’t dislike these heels, though, and I actually think they work pretty well with this particular boot: with brightly coloured knee boots, the colour is a statement in itself, so you don’t really want to be adding too many extras, or it can all just be too much. This heel tones the effect down slightly, and will also make them easier to walk in: always a good thing when it comes to footwear that’s destined to be worn in very cold, potentially slippery, weather conditions.

How to save green suede boots?

I should probably have phrased that question as “How ON EARTH to save green suede boots”. To be completely honest, although I love the look and the IDEA of these boots, styling them could be a little bit daunting: it’s a lot of colour to add to the legs, and as the colour in question is green, it’s always possible you could end up looking a bit like Robin Hood… If you’re a fan of coloured tights, you’ll probably find styling these much easier than those of us who prefer to play it safe in our trusty black opaques will, because you’re already used to building outfits around brightly coloured pins. If you’re NOT used to this kind of styling, however, my advice is to keep it simple, let the boots be the focal point of the outfit, and don’t add too many competing accessories.

what to wear with green knee boots

What to wear with green suede boots


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