Dress of the Day | Missguided floral skater dress

Missguided floral skater length

Missguided floral skater dress, £45

Missguided describe this dress as a “midi dress”, but it’s definitely not “midi” length on the model, and might not be on you either, depending on your height. That may not be a bad thing, though: it’s no secret that I love full-skirted midi dresses, but even the more casual ones can feel very dressy, and I know a lot of people avoid them for that reason – or because they’re worried that the length could be frumpy or unflattering. This dress, however, provides a similar kind of style, but will be much easier to wear, given that it’s both shorter (without actually being “short”), and less voluminous than many of the styles I tend to feature. It looks good with the heeled sandals shown here (They’re the ‘Carrie’ feather sandals I featured back in December), but it’ll also work well with flat sandals and a denim jacket for a more casual look.

Speaking of shoes, I also like these block heel court shoes, which come in blue and pink:

block heel court shoes

These should also be easy to wear compared to some of the stiletto styles which use this basic shape: the heel is fairly high, but it’s also pretty wide, making the shoe feel more stable on the foot. These sandals also have a wide heel:

lilac sandals

I love the lilac upper and double-buckle detail on these, both of which are quite unusual. I have a slight aversion to double-buckles, caused entirely by a pair of school shoes I had as a child which had that particular feature (and, as well as being ugly, were an absolute pain to get on and off), but thankfully these are so far removed from “school shoes” that I think they’ve completely cured me of all negative associations with that particular style of shoe!

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