Dress of the Day | ASOS Wiggle Hem Bandeau Dress in Floral Print

ASOS Wiggle Hem Bandeau Dress in Floral Print

ASOS Wiggle Hem Bandeau Dress in Floral Print, £55

I promised myself I’d try to ration the number of times I featured ASOS as Dress of the Day, but they don’t exactly make it easy on me by releasing dresses like this one every other day. This strapless floral dress is so pretty that if it was the height of summer, rather than the start of spring, I’d have had a really hard time resisting it. I like most floral prints, but this one is particularly lovely, and the delicate, floaty fabric of the dress compliments it perfectly. This is another dress that would be a good choice if you’re a guest at a summer wedding, say, but it could also be dressed down a little, should you want to. If the weather’s chilly, the strapless top will allow you to easily throw a sweater over the top, and wear it as a skirt, too.

Here are some other items from my ASOS wish list:

ASOS daist bardot prom dress

ASOS daisy Bardot prom dress, £75

Another floral dress (well, it IS the season for them, after all), this one has a bolder print, and a more structured shape. It makes me smile just to look at, but I’d personally go for a slightly more delicate pair of shoes than the ones shown on the model.

True Decadence Floral Jacquard Pleated Midi Skater Dress

True Decadence Floral Jacquard Pleated Midi Skater Dress, £65

Seeing as this post has developed an inadvertent floral theme, I may as well continue it with this pink jacquard dress by True Decadence. This is a brand which ASOS only recently started to stock: I hadn’t been aware of them until recently, but can already tell you’ll be seeing a lot more of them are their dresses are a perfect match for my personal taste. I love the pink floral print on this one!

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