Dior ‘Geranium’ velour peep toes

red Dior shoes

Dior ‘Geranium’, £560

And now for something a little different…

Or, actually, maybe not. This kind of inverted heel shoe is something we’ve seen quite a bit of over the last few years. I remember when I first came across this kind of look it seemed SO unique and “out there”. These days, although the style is still very visually distinctive, it’s a lot less unusual now that we’ve seen it done so many times. Still, these Dior peep toes still cut quite a dash, and my eyes zeroed in on them the second the page finished loading, so there’s definitely still something to be said for the “backward heel” look, obviously.

(And yes, I know, this isn’t, strictly speaking, a “backwards” heel, so much as it’s a heavily stylised one, but that’s the way I’ve always thought of this particular look!)]

What do you think of these? I love the colour, and think the shape is fantastic to look at, but I’m less keen on the velour upper (never one of my favourite fabrics), and don’t think I’d want to spring £560 for these, even in that fictional universe in which I actually HAVE that amount of money to burn. I do like them, though, and think they’re the kind of shoes that will definitely turn heads, and attract a lot of comments. Just what KIND of comments they’ll be, however, is anyone’s guess!

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  • I personally think that the heel shape isn’t really flattering. The heel-less/backwards heel can be done beautifully but personally I just find Dior’s current take particularly awkward. That said, oddly enough I’m warming (but only ever so slightly) to this particular pair; and I think the cause for that is the simple, classic peep-toe shape rendered in this shade of red combined with the velour (and I’m agree with you in that it’s not one of my favourite materials either) seems to somehow soften the general harshness of the heel.

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