I Deserve New Shoes

I deserve New Shoes slogan t-shirt

I Deserve New Shoes… or so says this River Island t-shirt, anyway, and who am I to argue with the wise words of a slogan t-shirt, seriously?

If I bought the t-shirt, though, I’d also have to buy this ‘Full Time Fashion Blogger’ sweatshirt, also from River Island:

Full Time Fashion Blogger Sweatshirt

I’m not really a “baggy sweater” kind of person, to be honest, but I AM a full-time fashion blogger, so I’m thinking this would be fun as loungewear, or exercise wear, if nothing else!

River Island have actually been claiming quite a bit of my cash, lately. This season, they’ve released a few stand-out pieces, but they’ve also got a great range of basics, including things like this top

black crop top

… which, OK, doesn’t look like much to write home about in the image, but which is nevertheless the kind of top I’d wear over and over again, and then spent months (if not years) trying to replace. Those perfect basics are always the hardest things to shop for, I find, and River Island has them pretty much sorted this season. In addition to a selection of fitted crop tops (don’t be alarmed by the name, by the way: they may be “cropped”, but they’re not the belly-flashing type of crop top – I find them the perfect length to wear with high-waisted skirts or trousers), they’ve continued to release lots of lovely bardot tops: these were a wardrobe staple for me during the summer, and while it’s too cold to wear them now (other than on an evening out, perhaps), it’s never a bad time to stock up.

Then there’s this jacquard midi skirt:

pink jacquard midi skirt

The photo REALLY doesn’t do this skirt justice, which is probably why I completely overlooked it until recently. Having now seen it in person, however, I can confirm that it’s really gorgeous – such a shame it didn’t photograph well!



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