Dance colourblock shoes from Dorothy Perkins

dorothy-perkins-colourblockI’m not totally sure where the “dance” reference in the product name of these shoes: they don’t really strike me as “dance” shoes particularly, but they do have a bit of 80s influence to them, and the remake of Fame is coming out soon, so who knows…

These come in three different colour combinations: the two shown above, plus a navy & black combo that didn’t really grab me, because I have a bit of a “thing” about mixing navy and black. (Don’t worry, I’m slowly getting over it.) Of these, I think my favourite has to be the grey/lilac combination, because the red is just a little bit too “fire engine”, although I think they could look good with a very simple outfit.

This probably isn’t a style I’d actually buy, but it IS very reasonably priced : these are just £32.

Dorothy Perkins dance colourblock peep toes, £32


  • Ooh! I have a thing about mixing navy and black too!

    I also have a thing about mixing brown and black when it’s not carried off with a tying-in pattern or a nice amount of accessories (belt, shoes, bag). When it’s just “Oh hey I’ll wear these brown shoes with my black tights, black skirt and green shirt” it just doesn’t work for me at all.

    I really wish that some of the shoes you blog were more available/affordable in Australia.

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