Crazy wedges: Le Silla 145mm patent butterfly wedges

turquoise shoe with elaborate wedge heel

wavy wedge heel on designer shoe

crazy wedges by Le Silla

Crazy wedges: Le Silla 145mm patent butterfly wedges, £531

Just when I thought wedge heels were starting to calm down a little, forget their crazy ways, and go back to being the fine, upstanding members of the shoe community they used to be (before certain shoe designers got their hands on them…), it looks like the trend for crazy wedges is starting to heat up again.

These ones are by Le Silla, and while they have a lot of visual impact, thanks to that amazing sculpted heel, they’d probably be just a LITTLE easier to wear than some members of the Crazy Wedges family. The heel may look like the kind of ornate decoration you’d find on an old-fashioned hotel, say, but it IS at least the approximate shape of a regular wedge: or it’s in the same place as one anyway, rather than being cut away, like the now-familiar heel-less wedges which seemed to be trying to take over the world for a while there.

Would you wear these? I think they look less outrageous on a foot than you might expect them too, and they’re certainly beautifully made. I love the turquoise and gold upper, although I suspect I’d be far too worried about damaging these to actually wear them – especially considering the £531 price tag.

What do you think of them? Are you tired of the continuing trend for elaborate, sculpted heels, or do you think they’re a much more interesting alternative to the standard wedge heel?

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