Cinti ‘Skyvo’ black pumps with tulle ribbon

black shoes with ribbon

I’m having difficulty knowing exactly how to describe these shoes to you. See, they’re basically a pair of standard, suede pumps, but then they have this kind of net… you know what? It’s going to be much easier to just show you, isn’t it?

There you go.

It’s an interesting effect, and a fairly unusual one, too. I think it helps “pretty up” (Yes, it IS a phrase. Because I said so.) what would otherwise be an unremakable shoe, and gives it a much dressier feel. Then again, you could also argue that the netting around the heel makes it look a bit like it’s just been captured by a hunter. A shoe hunter. God, there should BE shoe hunters, shouldn’t there? I could be one! In addition to my shoeperhero duties, obviously. But I digress…

These are by Cinti and they’re £89 at Spartoo. What do you think of them?


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