Is there such a thing as a stylish Christmas jumper?

If you’re used to thinking of the humble Christmas jumper as a scratchy, un-stylish thing, worn only out of obligation to the person who gave you it (or to an ugly sweater party), these festive knits from Boden might change your mind…

gold sequin Christmas jumper by Boden

festive knitwear from Boden

sequin cable jumper  // festive fun jumper //  fabulous festive jumper

Now, I’ve never really been one for novelty knitwear: not at Christmas, and not at any other time of year, either. If I absolutely HAD to wear a Christmas jumper, though… well, I think that gold sequin number is pretty darn fabulous, actually. Mostly because it’s not actually a “Christmas jumper” in the true sense of the phrase: in fact, you could probably wear it for any other sequin-appropriate occasion too (and given the price tag, I think you’d want to get as much wear out of it as possible!)

The other two knits, meanwhile, are much more in keeping with the Christmas jumper tradition, featuring Christmas tree baubles on the front. That print definitely puts these firmly in the “novelty” category, but they’re so much more stylish than most of the offerings in this category that I can actually imagine wearing them – if only for a few hours on Christmas morning! (Mind you, if I had the amazing blue and gold Beatrice dress to go with them, I could be persuaded to keep them on a little longer…)

Anyone feeling festive yet? Do you get into the Christmas spirit with your outfit choices, or you do prefer to leave the Christmas baubles on the tree, where they belong?

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  • I’ve seen a few Christmas/Winter -themed jumpers on DP and I have to say that I feel tempted, for some reason? I’ve never worn anything like that before but they’re really cute.

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