Charlotte Olympia ‘Sleeping Beauty’ pumps

Charlotte Olympia 'Sleeping Beauty' pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Sleeping Beauty’, £674

I fairly often find myself using the word “fairytale” to describe some of the shoes I feature on this site, but in this case I mean it literally, because these shoes really ARE straight out of a fairytale: Sleeping Beauty, to be exact.

Featuring Beauty herself on the toe, with her golden hair streaming out around her, and her crown standing up at the top of the vamp, these are definitely shoes fit for a princess (groan!). I think Charlotte Olympia is probably one of only a handful of designers who could get away with something like this, and I know many of you will argue that she isn’t getting away with it at all, because what grown woman would want to walk around with a fairytale princess on her feet? Well, probably quite a few, actually: Charlotte Olympia is a brand which has no shortage of fans, so  the designer is definitely doing something right, and, as usual, although I wouldn’t buy these myself, I have to admire the imagination that’s gone into them.

I also have to admit that I don’t object to them nearly as much as I would’ve expected to from the product description alone. What do you think of them?


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