Charlotte Olympia ‘Piano’ platform pumps

For those who like their shoes quirky – or who just really like the piano – here’s Charlotte Olympia’s ‘Piano’ platforms, which come complete with a piano keyboard on one side!

I’m not generally a fan of what I think of as “novelty” shoes, but I think these ones are just subtle enough to work. The black and white colour scheme goes a long way towards playing down the “novelty” aspect, and if you happen to a piano-playing shoe lover, well, these are definitely the shoes for you. Or they are if you have £650 to spare, anyway.

Do you? Click here to buy them, if so.


  • I’d probably love them if it weren’t for the platform – I think it’s weird-looking and kinda like an afterthought, as if they suddenly realised that all the shoes now tend to have a platform and just stuck it there, regardless of whether it actually fits with the shoes’ look or not.

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