Charlotte Olympia Fleur Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia Fleur Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandals

Charlotte Olympia ‘Fleur’ Ankle-Wrap Platform Sandals, $1095

Well, with Chirstmas and New Year out of the way, I guess it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day.

Haha, gotcha! I’m just kidding: I don’t know anyone who starts planning for Valentine’s day this soon, and I certainly don’t. I have, however, been inundated with press releases lately (and by “lately” I mean “since around October) on the theme of Valentine’s day and ow to dress for it, and I guess if you DO happen to buy into the idea that your V-Day outfit should be soft, pink and romantic, these shoes could be just the thing.

(Just for the record, I DON’T think that for a second, although I’ve never been into “themed” dressing of any kind, so I’m probably the wrong person to comment.)

These are by Charlotte Olympia, and are called ‘Fleur’, for obvious reasons. They’re a little softer, and more feminine than some Charlotte Olympia styles, but still have a very distinctive look to them. I absolutely love the oversized flower detail on the toe, which is totally over-the-top, and therefore right up my street. (If you can’t go just a little bit wild with your shoes, when can you? That’s always been my motto, anyway. Or one of them, anyway.) The soft pink upper, meanwhile, is also very pretty, and contributes to that romantic feel I mentioned above. They look like the kind of shoes which deserve to be worn with a fairytale confection of a dress, but in the absence of a frothy ballgown (Which, let’s face it, is hardly ever appropriate these days, more’s the pity.), they’ll work equally well with … well, just about ANYTHING, really. It’s not like anyone’s going to care what you’re wearing when they have these to look at instead, is it?

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