Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly’ Pumps in lilac and pink

Charlotte Olympia 'Dolly' Pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly’ pumps, £626.88

These shoes make me long for spring. Which isn’t surprising, really: for one thing, they’re part of the spring/summer collection, so it’s not surprising they have a spring-like vibe, and for another, EVERYTHING makes me long for spring right now. Everything.

Pastel pinks and purples, however, are particularly appropriate for that time of year, and when you add a flower on the top, they become even more so. These are so pretty they look to me like the kind of shoes I’d want to wear with something equally special: they’d be wonderful wedding guest attire, but then again, shoes like these would be pretty wonderful with anything, wouldn’t they?

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  • A perfectly lovely shoe ruined by that clunky gold platform. Why??? I’d wear it happily without that bit.

  • I agree with Carol – I hate exposed platforms like that! They always look to me like someone accidentally made the heel too long for the shoe and thought “whoops, we’d better glue a big block of wood to the sole to even it up, hope nobody notices!”

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