Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2010 Shoes

While Dior went for strappy evening sandals for their Fall Couture show this week, Karl  Lagerfeld kept things a little more downbeat at Chanel, with a collection of strangely wrinkled looking ankle boots.

These are, at least, a little more practical for wintry weather, but, well, take a look and tell me what you think…

The classic Chanel toe-cap with an overlayed network of pearls.

Is anyone else reminded of some kind of mythical character from Lord of the Rings or something?

Embroidery on what looks like (but probably isn’t) mohair.

A touch of sequins. Quite a heavy touch, actually.

I’d hve to conclude that nothing here really grabs me, although that could just be because it’s bad enough dealing with wrinkles on the face without wanting them on my shoes, too. What does everyone esle think?


  • for some reason the brown pair look like what I think would happen if you put Bambi in the tumble dryer!! Do love the pearl trimmed ones if only for being so ridiculously pretty and impractical! 🙂

  • Yeah, those peal-ones are great, but the rest – I wasn’t impressed. Never thought I will ever say such a sacrilegious thing, but I didn’t like Chanel couture of this fall… 🙁

  • the brown ones remind me of bigfoot. I really don’t get the whole wrinkly thing, definitley not my cup of tea, not even the pearl ones.

  • Oh my gosh. These are really bad. And I usually LOVE cap-toes.

    The blue ones in the first row look like slippers.

    The mohair ones look like something my grandma would have knitted in the 1970s.

    Maybe it’s just a bad photo, but the glittery ones look kind of like they’re made of denim.

    The brown wrinkled ones are sort of cute, I would probably buy them if they were $25 or something, but sure not for the price Chanel will be asking for them.

  • I LOVE these boots! I have a pair that are a similar height (maybe a little taller) and I found a product called Boot Stay that helps them stay up. Otherwise, my boots droop a bit and my outfit doesn’t look as cute 🙁 I highly suggest them!!

  • I would never buy those boots. Not ever. They look too much like what a grandma or maybe even a wicked with would wear.. Sorry, Karl Lagerfeld, I fail to see the appeal you obviously think those boots have!

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