Casadei ‘Holiday’ patent t-bar heels

Casadei Holiday stiletto

Casadei blade stiletto heel

Casadei ‘Holiday’, £615

Yet another variation on Casadei’s famous ‘Blade’ pumps, and these ‘Holiday’ t-bars are a particularly beautiful version of the style. Don’t you just love the way the t-bar echoes the shape of the iconic ‘blade’ stiletto heel?

I think I would probably love those heels regardless of the style of the upper they’re attached to, but give me a pointed toe and a sweetheart vamp, and you can consider me a happy ShoeperWoman. The navy patent upper, meanwhile, makes a refreshing change from basic black, but is still sophisticated and classic. I think the overall look of these shoes will work particularly well with very tailored pieces: pencil skirts/dresses, fitted jackets, cigarette pants, etc, but then again, I also love the look of very “ladylike” shoes with less formal outfits (like boyfriend jeans, for instance), so there’s no shortage of ways to wear them.

The inky upper gives me something of a wintry vibe, but of course, it all comes down to your own personal style and preferred colour palette, so there’s nothing to stop you wearing them all summer, too, if the mood takes you.

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