Carvela ‘Gunning’ pink metallic court shoes

carvela gunning pink metallic court shoes

Carvela ‘Gunning’ pink metallic court shoes, £100

I’m a big Carvela fan, and more than a few pairs of shoes in my collection have come from the brand over the years, but I have to admit I haven’t been quite as tempted by this year’s collection as I have been in previous years. Well, not until now, anyway. These shoes, you see, are very tempting indeed to me. Let’s see…

Pointed toe? Check.

Classic shape? Check.

Metallic upper? Check.

PINK? Check.

Add in the fact that, having found these on the Harrods website, I initially assumed they were by a much more expensive brand, and was pleasantly surprised to find they’re by Carvela, and you can probably see where I’m coming from here. These shoes would be nothing particularly special on paper, but that pink metallic upper has the power to elevate an ordinary pump to something a little bit special. And actually, although they’re described as “vibrant pink” on the Harrods website, they actually look like more of a soft lilac on my screen, which makes them even more unusual. I think they’d work well with both of those colours, and I’ve used both of them in this outfit:

what to wear with lilac shoes

What to wear with lilac shoes:

jeans // t-shirt // scarf // ring // watch // bag 

A super-simple jeans-and-t-shirt look, given a summery twist thanks to the pastel colours. As with the shoes themselves, this is an example of the difference colour can make to an outfit or item, and how a very basic look can be made just a little more interesting with a touch of metallic leather, or a fresh pastel colour. With that said, of course, if the sweet n’ sugary look isn’t your thing, these shoes will work just as well with classic blue jeans, or a simple black dress.

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