Carvela blue ‘Garbo’ cage-front wedges

carvela-blue-garbo-wedgesIt used to be the case that the phrase “statement heels” would invariable be used to refer to stilettos, or sandals of some kind, but these days wedges are hitting back, and making some pretty strong style-statements of their own.

These blue ‘Garbo’ wedges by Carvela are about as eye-catching as it’s possible for a pair of shoes to be, with the combination of the bright blue colour, super-high heel, gold accents and cage front all combining to make one hell of a shoe. Whether you like them or not is a whole other matter, of course: personally I think they’re of the “great to look at, wouldn’t actually wear” variety, but if you like your shoes loud, you may just love them. If you do, they’re £150 at Kurt Geiger, and they’re also available in black.


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