Carvela ‘Ava’ tan high heel strappy platform sandals

I’ve always been of the opinion that a good pair of tan leather sandals is a summer shoe essential: the colour will go with everything, it’s nice and summery, and the colour is a great neutral to fall back on when you just don’t know what to wear. If it happens to be attached to a pair of high-heeled, platform sandals, well, so much the better: these ones by Carvela are down to £79 in the Debenhams sale, and have a reassuringly expensive look to them. The leather uppers, meanwhile, will get softer with age, making these one of these summer staples you’ll be able to wear year after year.

Get them here.


  • I absolutely love these! But, since I already bought three pairs of new shoes the past two weeks, I’ll just have to talk myself out of loving them so much I guess.

  • These actually look flaming orange (nowhere near tan) on my screen. They’d be nice in tan. In loud orange, they’re a little overwhelming.

  • They’re not *quite* as orange as they look IRL. I tried on a pair the other week – lovely soft leather but unfortunately my feet are really skinny and it’s tremendously hard for me to find strappy shoes that don’t rattle around on them. These were fine on one of my feet, rattly on the other (slightly smaller) foot. Wah!

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