Carvela ‘Albert’ red d’orsay pumps

Carvela Albert red d'orsay pumps

Carvela ‘Albert’ red d’orsay pumps, £100

Everyone, meet Albert. Who… really doesn’t look like an “Albert”, to be honest, but hey: guessing why a shoe ended up with the name it did is half the fun!

These shoes would be lovely by any name, though, wouldn’t they? The two-part style has never been my favourite (mostly because it tends to come attached to a relatively high vamp, which I’m not keen on), but these have such a great shape, not to mention being the perfect shade of cherry red, that I really like them. They have a 100mm heel, a pointed toe, and a real suede upper, and they also come in a gold upper, which is nice, although not nearly as striking as this red version.

These are the kind of shoes that have the ability to totally make an outfit, and a lot of that is down to the colour. I don’t think you can go too far wrong with red shoes: it’s a colour that’s striking with black or navy, amazing with white, gorgeous with denim… and I’m running out of superlatives now, so I’ll stop. You get what I mean, though, and, if you’re a regular reader, I’m sure you know which colour combination I MOST like to wear red shoes with: yup, good old black and white!

black white and red outfit

Black, white and red all over:

♥  Halston Heritage dress   ♥  Michael Kors handbag   ♥  Dior sunglasses ♥  Lancome lipstick  ♥ Clinique nailpolish

I absolutely love this Halston Heritage dress, which combines that classic black-and-white stripe print with an exaggerated umbrella skirt, for maximum impact. I think it would look fantastic with these bright red shoes and, as always, the red lips and nails are an important part of the look here!


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