Brian Atwood Coraline flower sandals

flower sandals in snake print

Brian Atwood ‘Coraline’, $1,295

I’m mentioned before that I’m not a fan of snakeskin, or other reptile prints, and I’d actually go so far as to say that I actively DISlike it on shoes, bags, or really anything other than the animal it belongs to (or is inspired by, in the case of prints). This, then, is the only way I’d consider wearing snakeprint shoes: when the print is used in very small doses: so small, in fact, that I didn’t actually realise it WAS a snake-print until I zoomed in. Even then, I’d probably like these better without the texture on the leather, but I like the small flowers crowded onto the simple leather strap, and twining their way around the ankle.

This is a design that could be a little busy if you’re not careful: I’d probably wear these with a block colour, rather than a print – luckily there are lots of colours for you to choose from on the flowers themselves – and an outfit with very simple lines.

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