Five Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood

Long walks and bubble baths don’t quite cut it for me when I’m feeling a bit low, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Here, though, are five things that DO help boost my mood…

5 easy ways to boost your mood


Is there anything better than climbing into a freshly made bed? I mean, probably, but even so, that clean-sheet feeling takes a lot of beating, and knowing my lovely, comfy bed is waiting for me at the end of the day can be just the dangling-carrot I need to get me through a slow afternoon.


Last week I spoke briefly about my great love of Yankee Candle’s ‘Clean Cotton’ scent, but that’s actually just scratching the surface of my Yankee candle addiction. A few weeks ago, I bought a candle melt warmer, along with a selection of candle melts… then last week I bought a second one, along with ANOTHER selection of melts. I keep one upstairs and one downstairs, and I light at least one of them every single day. I have different scents for different moods, but I find them all really comforting, and a great way to help my mind switch off.


My little bichon frise, Rubin, is my constant companion, and just a few minutes with him is almost guaranteed to lift my mood. There’s nothing like the unconditional love of an animal to make you feel special – I love the way Rubin will greet me as if he hasn’t seem me for years, even when I’ve only been out of the room for a few minutes.


Books have always been my solace, and are one of the best ways for me to really switch off. I’m I’m watching TV, or wasting time online (both of which I also love!), I’ll often find my mind wandering, and constantly returning to whatever it is that’s bothering me, but when I open up a good book, I’m instantly transported to another world – which is a good way to get a break from this one!


Want to know what I do when I’m feeling REALLY down or upset about something? I call my mum. Yes, I may be a grown adult, but sometimes you just need your mum to tell you everything’s going to be OK, don’t you? Failing that, a text conversation with my BFF will almost always put a smile on my face again: thank goodness we live in an age of easy communication, huh?

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