Blue suede shoes: Mahalika peep toes by Georgia Rose

One of the big advantages of my new shoe storage shelves is that they allow me to see my full collection at a glance, and to see exactly what I have.. and what I don’t have.

From yesterdays photos, you’ll have seen that I have a LOT of nude shoes, and a fair amount of red shoes. I have a sprinkling of green shoes and quite a lot of black shoes. And… NO BLUE SHOES.  Nope, not a single pair. And even although I really shouldn’t allow myself to view that oversight as a challenge, it did rather make these blue suede shoes by Georgia Rose jump off the page at me.

These are all kinds of gorgeous. The shape is that classic, can’t-go-wrong peep toe, and the heel is a towering 12.5cm, but it’s the colour that really makes these a winner. That glorious, peacock blue is a real show-stopper, no?

These are by Georgia Rose and are £92.65 at Sarenza: click here to buy them.


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