Blue suede ‘Angelica’ platform shoes from Carvela

I paid a visit to Kurt Geiger last weekend, much to Shoeperman’s consternation . Sadly for me, I left bare-footed (not literally, you understand: I still had the shoes I was wearing when I arrived, I just didn’t have any extra ones), but it wasn’t for lack of choice: in fact, if anything, there were just far too many wonderful shoes there for me to possibly choose between them, and if it hadn’t been the middle of the month at the time, I wouldn’t have had the will to resist them.

Strangely enough, one of the pairs of shoes I spent most time stroking were these blue platforms by Carvela. Now, I’d seen these on the Kurt Geiger website, but hadn’t written about them here, thinking the platform was just too high for its own good, and, in fact, was rapidly approaching “stripper shoe” territory. In real life, however, all I could think was that these shoes are fabulous. Sure, they’re high, they’re loud and they’re impossible to ignore, but I think those are all points in their favour and I was surprised by how much I liked these.

Bets worn with something simple to give them the chance to shine, these are £140 at Kurt Geiger: click here to order!


  • I too paid a visit to a Kurt Geiger shop last weekend also to my boyfriend’s dismay (maybe it was even the same one as you as it was up in Scotland!) and I too loved the look of these shoes. The blue suede and the general style of the shoe really made them stand out! I, however, knew I would in no way be able to walk in these so instead I opted for a navy suede shoe, which I have to say looks a million times better on than on the shelf (or in the picture online: ). So I left the shop with them, courtesy of my boyfriend who bought them for me as my birthday present 😀

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