Black peep toe wedges by Ravel

I always get a little rush of nostalgia when I find shoes I love by Ravel: it was one of the first brands I used to seriously covet as a teenager, so I’m glad that while they no longer have stand-alone stores, the brand does still live on.

These black wedges are a good example of what I was talking about yesterday: a wedge heel which I think could be office-appropriate – unless, of course, you work in the type of very conservative office environment where peep toes are frowned upon. Peep toe aside, however, these are simple and stylish, but the gently arched wedge and the matt/shine contrast on the heel also helps give them a bit of personality. The fact that they’re wedges, rather than stilettos, meanwhile, should make them easy to walk and stand in, so you don’t have worry about wobbling around the office – or, of course, anywhere else you happen to be wearing them.

These wouldn’t just work as office-wear, mind you: they’re the kind of style that could end up being your Shoe Saviours in lots of different situations, and I think they’d work with everything from party dresses to jeans.

These are £51 at Spartoo and you can click here to buy them.

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