Black ankle boots by SuperTrash

black high-heeled ankle boots black block heeled ankle boots

I don’t often write about black boots here, not because I don’t like them, but purely because they’re just not the most interesting footwear in the world, are they?

They may not be interesting, however, but they’re definitely useful, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who relies on them pretty heavily during autumn and winter. In fact, I’d go so far as to list black ankle boots as one of my “must haves”, which is why I figured these two pairs deserved their moment in the Shoeper Spotlight today.

These boots are both by SuperTrash, and while they’re two different shapes, they each have a very distinctive silhouette, which helps set them apart from all of the other black ankle boots out there right now. The top pair have a slim, stiletto heel and a short pointed toe, and would be somewhat unremarkable if it wasn’t for the contrast created by the suede sections on the leather upper. That simple design helps give these a glamorous, rock-chick kind of feel to them, although the overall look is still subtle enough for them to be easy to wear. That versatility is particularly important when it comes to boots, I find, because while I’m happy to switch my shoes around to go with different outfits, when I’m buying boots I generally want them to work with EVERYTHING (or ALMOST everything, anyway), so they need to be reasonably plain, without too many distracting or clashing details.

The second pair, meanwhile, have a chunkier heel, and a slightly more “edgy” shape to them. The outline is very sharp and dramatic, and the overall look is a little more casual than the stiletto version. Although the heel is reasonably high, at 11.5cm, I have a feeling that the chunkier shape and soft suede uppers should make these quite comfortable to walk in.

These are £150 each, and are both available at Spartoo. Which pair do you prefer?


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