‘Bella’ wavy court shoes by Aase Hopstock

I’m always happy to hear about new shoe brands (well, the more shoes in the world, the better, right?), so let me introduce you to new luxury brand, Aase Hopstock. Aase is a London-based designer who’s just completed her first collection, for Spring/Summer 2011: you’ll find some images from the collection under the jump, while up above is the ‘Bella’ court shoe, which comes in three different colours, with prices starting from £299.

The shoes will be available this month from the Aase Hopstock website: look out for them in department stores next year too!


  • I liked the shoes, but that “thing” on the back suggests me “strap”? Or the lack of one? Well, interesting design, but not enough for me to buy them…

  • Yes, interesting designs. And I like that we’re looking at mid-height heels again. Love the look of platforms and sky-high heels, but can’t wear them, sadly.

  • Eh, none of them really interest me…I think they are a bit too “busy” in the patterns and colors and the slightly cartoon-ish design doesn’t help any. I like the red and black ones up top the best

  • I wouldn’t pay $50 for any of those, let alone $300. It’s very nice to see shoes of a reasonable height, though. High marks for that!

  • these are really pretty! Its nice to see something a little bit different out there. Not a bad price for luxury shoes either I think, not like some of the ones that start at 500£ which is ridiculous. Cool shapes, I’ll watch this one.

  • Gorgeous! I love the mint ones with the bow. Beautiful. I Like the heel, Im not a fan of wobbly stilettos.

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