‘Belice’ blue suede knee boots by DUO Boots

blue suede boots

Belice blue suede knee boots, £210

Of all of the pairs of boots I’ve looked at so far this year (and believe me, I’ve looked at a LOT of pairs of boots…) these ones win the prize. So far, anyway. In fact, I’d go so far as to describe these as the perfect pair of high-heel boots: the shape is elegant, the heel is just the right side of high, and, most importantly, that blue suede upper is just amazing. Amazing.

These boots don’t JUST have good looks to recommend them, though: they’re by DUO, who, as you may know, specialise in making calf-width boots, designed to fit a range of different calf sizes. Now, I know I’m not the only one who struggles to find boots that fit properly in the leg, so I’m always amazed there aren’t more brands doing this. They offer shoes and boots for different FOOT sizes, after all: why not cater to different sized calves? It’s not like everyone’s built exactly the same, after all…

But I digress. DUO, as I’ve mentioned, DO cater to lots of different calf widths, and that fact alone may be enough to justify the £210 price tag on these. If it does, you’ll be pleased to know they also come in black leather and black snakeprint. I’d buy them ALL if I possibly could…

Oh, and while I’m on the subject:

red suede knee boots

Meet Gabrielle. Also available in black, and in a range of calf sizes, and also amazing to look at, these red suede knee boots are £220. Now, if I could just have the colour of these, but with the shape of the blue ones…

[Buy them].


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