Balmain silk button-up boots

From the “expensive AND impractical, but still absolutely beautiful” files come these button-up silk boots by Balmain. Now, these are £850 and they’re silk, which means I’d be too terrified of ruining them to ever wear them out of doors, but they could make an interesting alternative to sandals for an evening out. I tend to love any kind of shoe or boot which features buttons, and these have an old-fashioned glamour about them which is very aluring. Luckily, they also have a zip on the inside of the ankle to allow you to get them on and off easily, so you won’t have to buy a button hook and add twenty minutes to the time it takes you to get dressed!

Like them? Click here to buy them at Net-a-Porter (or, if you’re anything like me, just to window-shop them).


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