ASOS SACRED Wide Fit Bow Mid Heels

ASOS SACRED Wide Fit Bow Mid Heels

ASOS SACRED Wide Fit Bow Mid Heels

I’m sure you can probably guess what I’m going to say about these shoes, which is that I love the bow, but I don’t like the heel.

Well, you’re absolutely right on both counts: I DO love the bow. A lot, actually. And no, I DON’T like the heel: not even a little bit, as a matter of fact. I know there are tons of people out there who’ll love it, obviously, but, for me, it’s that awkward, neither-here-nor-there height, which, combined with the blocky shape, never fails to remind me of what I think of as “little old lady shoes” – and I mean absolutely no offence to any little old ladies reading this.

Does the rest of the shoe make up for the heel, though? Well, ALMOST. As I said, I really like the bow, and I absolutely LOVe the pink glittery upper, so if these had a slightly higher, or narrower, heel, I honestly don’t think I’d be able to resist them. As they are, though, I’m managing just fine – although, I have to admit, I’ve been staring at that bow for just a little longer than is appropriate for someone who DEFINITELY isn’t going to buy those shoes…

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  • I ordered these but returned them, they were quite cheap looking and the fit was off. They made a wierd plasticy sound when I walked in them too.

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