Aldo ‘Solian’ two-tone leather sandals

Aldo 'Solian' sandals

Folks, I’m so proud of myself: you see, these shoes are also available in green, but I am NOT showing you them. No I am not. I’m showing you the red version instead. See, I’m NOT obsessed with green. I’m really not. Ahem.

Anyway, the red upper is just as nice, really. I’ve described it as “two-tone” in the title, but there are actually three different shades in there, if you count the white piping around the vamp, as well as the beige heel. There’s something very fresh, and just a little bit sporty about these, I think because of that very piping, which reminds me of the type of canvas summer shoes that I love so much. These are actually leather, rather than canvas, though, which is good news because it means they’ll be harder-wearing, and won’t fall apart over the course of the summer.

The leather upper, however, does mean a higher price, and these are £120. You can click here to buy them at Aldo.

Oh, and P.S:

Green Aldo sandals

Well, you can’t say I didn’t try.


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