Affordable (green!) shoes from Charlotte Russe

(Cone heeled pumps: click here to buy them)

I’m still busy looking for affordable shoes for you, and naturally, my thoughts turned to one of my own guilty little shoe pleasures: Charlotte Russe, where the shoes aren’t just affordable, they’re almost indecently affordable. (Once you’ve experienced one of their “But one pair, get a second pair for $10” deals, you’ll understand what I mean…)

It’s been a long time since I last looked at the CR website, and I got all excited when I visited this morning, because for some reason, the prices are all displayed in pounds sterling (or, at least, they are for me: I would imagine this will change depending on where you’re based), and this made me think the brand had started shipping internationally. Sadly, this isn’t actually the case, and they still only ship to the US and Canada (See? This happens to those of us in the UK, too!), so this post is basically just a quick roundup of what I WOULD have bought if I’d been able to.  (And if I was buying shoes this month, which I most definitely am NOT.)

I’m starting off with the cone heeled pumps shown at the top of the page. You won’t be at all surprised to hear that it was the colour that drew me to these, but I actually really like the shape of them, too, and the fact that the heel is lower than we’re used to seeing from fashion brands. The cone heel gives them a really nice silhouette, and the colour is just gorgeous, don’t you think?

These are also available in red and taupe, and are £28.

Red and Taupe pumps with cone heel and bow from Charlotte RusseI’m not done yet, though:

Green platform sandals, £32.50

Ah. If these had been available when I was in the States earlier this year, the colour alone would’ve probably forced me to buy them. A near miss, that one!

But wait! What’s this I see?

Green suede platforms with high heel from Charlotte RusseGreen platform pumps, £30

It’s faux-suede, of course – you wouldn’t really expect the real stuff at that price – and my experience with Charlotte Russe is that you WILL be able to tell close-up, but from a distance, these still look pretty good. They’re available in a range of different colours and fabrics, and while the current “Buy one, get one for $15” offer isn’t quite as good as the $10 offers I’ve seen at CR before, it’s still not to be sniffed at if you need a couple of pairs of shoes, for not very much money.


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