Accessorize glitter jelly ballerina flats

glitter jelly ballet flats

Accessorize glitter jelly ballerina flats, £25

I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t know how I’d have coped without my jelly ballet flats this last year. Because of the very rainy weather we’ve been having for months now, there have been times when they’ve been the only real option (other than wellies, obviously) for things like running errands, walking the dog, etc. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about ruining them in the rain, and I also love the fact that if they do get splashed by a muddy puddle (or I end up walking into ACTUAL mud, which is a common occurrence on my dog walks!), I can just run them under the tap when I get home, and have them looking like new in a matter of seconds.

My flats are by Melissa, but I’m definitely not opposed to expanding my collection into other brands, which is why I was excited to find this glitter version at Accessories – and then disappointed to discover they’d sold out in my size. Gold is my favourite colour for flats, because it works with everything, and dresses-up anything you pair it with, and these have a hint of glitter too, which doesn’t hurt. Add in the gold-tipped bow, and you have a really cute little pair of flats, which I didn’t even realise were plastic until I read the product description: another reason to love them!

What to wear with jelly flats?

I’m mostly interested in shoes like this for their practicality, but I think the colour and bow would allow you to wear them in much the same way you would any other pair of flats. I’ve put together a smart/casual look here, but these would also look good with dresses and skirts: up to you!

what to wear with jelly shoes

What to wear with jelly shoes:

jeans // top // blazer // bag


  • I’m looking at this from my phone (don’t know if that’s a factor but though in case it was I’d mention it) and I can’t see the outfit picture.

    As for the shoes they’re really pretty, wouldn’t have thought they were jelly flats either:)

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