$547 for Havaianas flip-flops? Seriously?

If you read The Fashion Police, you may have already seen these, but I couldn’t resist posting them here, too, because these? Are $547 flip-flops. Yes. Can you EVEN?

Now, as you all know, I have a pair of regular Havaianas, which I paid $8 for on sale, and which I like just fine. I wouldn’t want to pay any more than that for them, though, and I definitely wouldn’t want to pay $547 for them, even although some of the proceeds from their sale is going to Greenpeace (who I would imagine may well have some issues with the fact that the thong is made from crocodile skin, too.). I’d rather just make a donation, thanks.

Presumably, however, there must be people in the world who think this is a good deal. Are you one of them Get them at Colette, if so.


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