10 of the Best Style Tips for ShoeperWomen

You don’t have to wait until New Year to make a fresh start, but if you’re feeling a little uninspired with your closet lately, here are ten style tips to help get yourself back on track…

10 of the best style tips

1. Buy/wear clothes because you like them, not because you think you SHOULD like them. You don’t have to follow fashion, dress down because everyone else does, or force yourself to wear clothes you don’t feel comfortable in: be yourself – everyone else is taken.

2. Don’t be afraid to dress up: life is too short not to wear beautiful clothes, and if you’re going to have style-related regrets, better they be about the clothes you DID wear – and had an absolute ball in – than the ones which just hung in your closet, because you were too afraid to “dress up”.

3. Don’t confuse style with designer labels: style cannot be bought, labels can.

4. Don’t be a clothes snob: great items can be found in surprising places, and you never know what you might find, unless you try.

5. Ignore the size on the label: buy the size that fits, whatever it is. The only person who cares about the number in your dress is YOU.

6. Resist the impulse to compare yourself/your style  to anyone else.  If you want to change or improve something for your own sake, do it: but always remember that style is not a competition, and there are no prizes for copying someone else.

7. Use it or lose it: try not to cling onto those items you never, ever wear – instead, pass them on to someone who’ll give them the love the deserve.

8. Only wear shoes you can walk in: nothing says “fashion victim” like someone who’s sacrificed comfort for style.

9. Ignore fashion “rules”: yes, you CAN wear black with navy and white after Labor day…

10. Smile: it’s the best accessory you’ll ever own.

Got any style tips of your own you’d like to add?


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  • I totally agree with the point that “wear shoes you can walk in”. Many people tend to follow fashion and peer pressure and wear something which they really don’t like and not comfortable with. Everyone has their own style and they should stick to it.

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