Shoeper Shoe Challenge | Week 22

It’s the last day of January, which means another month of the Shoe Challenge is drawing to a close! This hasn’t been my best month for shoe saving, but I did manage to squeeze in another couple of saves this week, although unfortunately I didn’t get a very good photo of the first one: I seem to be permanently running late for something, and always having to grab a super-quick photo on my way out the door – gah!

shoe challenge

Shoe Save 52/108: Zara asymmetric pumps
Worn on: Sunday, January 26th
With: Topshop trousers, Primark coat

These are the infamous Zara asymmetric pumps, which I finally bought on eBay after a very long search: there was no way these weren’t making it through the challenge!


Shoe Save 53/108: Boden black patent slingbacks
Worn on: Thursday, January 30th

With: J Crew pants, New Look jacket, Zara top, Antler bag (c/o)

This is a slightly cheaty save: I got these shoes in the Boden sale just a couple of weeks ago, so they weren’t included in my “shoes to be saved” total. I DID have another pair of black flats on the list, though, but I had a look at them last week and realised they’re probably not going to make it to September anyway, so I decided to switch them with these ones. So I’m still saving the same number of shoes, and they’re still black flats, they’re just not the same black flats I started with. I knew you’d understand. (There are more photos of these here, if you’re particularly interested.)

How has your January been? Link up your shoe saves below!


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  • I don’t think switching pairs is cheating, as I also understand the challenge as a sorting, a way to wear shoes you really wouldn’t get rid of.

    Actually, now that you started on the topic: I was thinking about switching two pairs like you, because the exact same thing happened to me.
    In november I bought new boots that I included in the challenge because I can make it, then I realised that my polka dot wellies, that I had included while counting my shoes in september, are finally much more proper rain boots as I just don’t wear them in some (very) casual outfit like I used to do last year. The difference here being that I would like to get these cute dotted boots out of the challenge but keeping them in the “usefull purposes shoes” shelf, so the total would be the same.

    So, where does cheating start?

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