Shoeper Shoe Challenge 2013: who’s in?

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As I mentioned earlier this month, with the 2012 Shoe Challenge over, I’m now starting to think about a new challenge for the new year. I know a lot of you are still working your way through the current challenge, so I wanted to do something that would easily be able to run alongside that, and also something a little less restrictive than the “wear all your shoes in a year” format I’ve gone with the last three years.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with a couple of options:

1. A monthly shoe-styling challenge, with everyone wearing the same style or type of shoe

The idea here would be that every month we would use the shoe forum to agree on a date and a specific type of shoes (Red shoes, black shoes, flat shoes, heels… you get the picture), and then on that date, everyone would post photos, either on their own blogs, or in the forum, of themselves wearing those shoes. The aim of this challenge would be to see all of the different ways people style the same type of shoe, and to that end, on the designated day I would publish a roundup here on the blog, in which everyone would be able to link up their blog/image (and thus get some traffic to their own blogs, too), and view them all in the same place.

2. A weekly Shoeper Shoesday challenge, based around a much looser theme

When I posted about the new challenge in the forum, Alvina came up with the idea of making it a weekly challenge, rather than a monthly one. I think it would be too tricky to co-ordinate themes on a weekly basis, but I’m happy to host a weekly roundup, perhaps something along the same lines as the “Shoesday” posts I used to do, whereby on a certain day each week, everyone makes the effort to wear their best shoes and posts the photos, in the same kind of roundup described above. With this option, you would still be essentially “saving” your shoes by wearing them, but without the obligation to wear them all in a year, or get rid of any you don’t “save”. So it’s basically applying the principles of the original challenge to everyday life, in other words, but hopefully in a less rigid, more fun way than in previous years.

These are the two ideas I have at the moment, but I’m still open to suggestions! (And there’s no reason we can’t do both at the same time if there’s enough interest. From the response so far, however, I don’t think there will be, so I’d really appreciate your feedback on this one!) I’m also keen to gauge how much interest there is in a new challenge: as I mentioned in the forum, the software I use for linkup posts is something I have to pay for, and I don’t want to do that, if it turns out that no one actually wants to take part, as was the case with Shoesday, for instance.

So, what does everyone think? Would you take part in a new shoe challenge? And if so, what kind of format would you like it to take? For me, the most important things is that it be something that people want to participate in, so as always, I’d love to hear your suggestions!


  • It would be great to do both!
    I checked what is InLinkz, it looks really cool, but it’s really annoying if you got to pay for this option if there is not enough interest for the themed challenges. Is there any other way to publish a roundup without InLinkz?

    • Not that I know of… I used to do roundups manually with the second shoe challenge, but it took literally hours and hours per week, and I just don’t have the time: I need to find something that allows people to submit their photos themselves, and that’s the best thing I’ve found so far. It’s not a huge cost, so I’m not too worried about that aspect of it: I just don’t want to start something and have no one show any interest, which is what happened with Shoesday: it’s a bit depressing to get excited about something and just have it fall flat, so I just want to be sure that if I DO run another challenge it won’t just be me!

  • I am so up for both these ideas and I really like the idea of the link up posts, I have only just figured out how to do these (what can I say, I am getting old lol) and I am loving them, a really good way to find other blogs I like and for other people to (hopefully) find my blog.

    Janine xx

  • I actually prefer the first variant with the monthly challenges.

    I agree that with a weekly task would give us more different themes and options, but a week is very short considering that for example I cannot wear all of my shoes to work (so I would have to do the challenge on my day off), the weather might be bad, etc. More time means more opportunities to do it and to do it right.
    On the other hand a month might be a bit too long and it would get boring…
    Maybe something in the middle, like a new challenge every two weeks or so?

  • I am in, and I like option number one. Ah, ha, now I know what happened with Shoesday. I liked it, but can totally understand it not being worth it if there wasn’t a lot of interest. Uh, oh, I may have to get a proper pair of high heels… I have just been waiting for the perfect excuse to jump out of wedges. 😉

    • I liked it too, but I think there were only three of us doing it, so it just wasn’t worth it! To be completely honest, it doesn’t look to me like there’s going to be enough interest to justify doing anything, for now at least… At the moment I count 9 people (including me) who’ve said they’ll do it, and I know there are a couple of others who haven’t commented. From experience, I know that not everyone will participate in every roundup, so I suspect it would end up like Shoesday! I don’t know, I get the feeling people are just tired of it now – maybe if we wait a few months, there’ll be more people up for it!

  • I’d love to participate as well, I prefer option number one, but also Moni’s suggestion with a new challenge every 2 weeks sounds doable 🙂

  • I’m definitely in! I’m easy with all the suggestions, but I think whatever will make it easiest for everyone to take part is best. I lived the Shoesday idea, but I just found it hard to keep up with it being on a set day, I have to wear shoes I can walk alot in Mon-Fri so opportunities to put on my best shoes were limited! Though it also won’t have helped that I was focusing so hard on saving specific shoes, so that won’t be an issue this time. I like the idea that if it was every month or couple of weeks you take photos at any point over that time, you could even submit a few different outfits if you have more than one pair that fits the challenge, so I think more people would be able to join in that way.

    • With the weekly option I hadn’t intended to have themes, it was just going to be a case of “all post a photo of your favourite shoes of the week on a designated day”, that way the shoes could be worn any day you wanted…

  • I quite like the idea of a weekly challenge rather than a monthly thing but I’m not sure how easy it would be to wear the shoes on a particular day- somedays wearing a particular type of shoe would be really difficult (whenever it’s snowing or raining I pretty much stick to boots) but if you could just wear the shoes one day over the course of the week it might be easier to do.

    • With the weekly option I hadn’t intended to have themes, it was just going to be a case of “all post a photo of your favourite shoes of the week on a designated day”, that way the shoes could be worn any day you wanted…

  • I’d be interested in doing another shoe challenge, but I’m not entirely sure what the best format would be… Both of these ideas sound pretty good. I totally failed at the shoe challenge last year, but I found that for a number of reasons I just didn’t have time for it. These ideas sound a bit more manageable 🙂

  • Without voluntarily using the computer for 15 days – liberating! – I came back today and first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! Second, I’d love to have more challenges, you know how I feel about them – and the first one seems pretty cool! I swear I’d post pics on a forum! Looking forward to it, if it hasn’t already started!

  • I love the idea of themes!! It challenges us to wear something we perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise.

    Definitely in with the new challenge – whatever it may be – and hopefully will complete it this year without getting ill and being unable to participate. 🙂

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