ASOS PIXEL Two-Tone Pointed High Heels

ASOS PIXEL Two-Tone Pointed High Heels

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ASOS PIXEL Two-Tone Pointed High Heels, £40

I’m really curious to hear what everyone thinks of these shoes, mostly because I’m not totally sure what I think of them myself. I love two-part shoes when they’re sandals or wedges, but tend to find the look a little dated on a court shoe, so when I first found these, my inclination was to dismiss them. That particular shade of green always gets a second look from me, though, and, in this case, the more I’ve looked at these, the more I’ve started to like them. I think the green and tan colours work really well together, and I also really like the small buckle on the vamp, which is super-stylish: I just think I’d like it better on a traditional pump, with no ankle strap.

Would it helped if I let you see what they look like on a foot? Here you go:

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What’s your verdict?

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  1. Hmm. I’m a bit perplexed. Though they look … intriguing on a foot. I’d definitely give them a second look. So, if you’re wanting a spring shoe that gets some attention, this could be it.

  2. I think they’re quite intriguing as well, but I think I’d rather go for the black version of them. That said, at first glance I was sure they would be Kurt Geiger or Carvela, not Asos!

  3. Like! Though I’m not much for the mint green. That color doesn’t work on me, so I’d like them more if that part were a nice hot pink or burgundy. Love the shape, though!

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