Shoe Save 69/105: Betsey

Schuh Betsey polka dot t-bar shoes

SHOES: Schuh ‘Betsey’ polka dot t-bars  
SAVED: Friday, Spetember 7th, 2012

I finally got round to wearing my Schuh ‘Betsey’ t-bars: yay for unseasonably warm weather in September!

I have to admit, I’d probably have worn these shoes long before now, but I stupidly allowed myself to fall into the trap of “saving” them for a really special outfit. Well, they’re just so cute that I felt like they deserved something equally cute for their inaugural outing: I just wasn’t sure what that was going to be, so I kept putting them off… until last Friday, when I realised that this is the kind of behaviour I started the Shoe Challenge in order to STOP myself doing, and wore them with a really simple red-and-black outfit to match the colour of the shoes. Life’s just too short to NOT wear the fabulous shoes, isn’t it?

I’m pleased to report that these shoes were really comfortable to wear, and I’m so glad I managed to find them on eBay: now, roll on next summer, so I can wear them again!


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