Shoe Save #32/102: Lady Dragon 2

summer fashion 2012

SHOES: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dtragon pink glitter shoes (c/o Sarenza)
OUTFIT: Photos here.
SAVED: Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Our gorgeous weather continued on Saturday, so I grabbed the opportunity to fit in another quick shoe save.

This is my second pair of Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Lady Dragons to make it through this year’s challenge, and I got them last year as part of the Sarenza Brand Ambassador programme. In retrospect, I should have sized up with these: they were the fourth pair of Lady Dragon’s I’d bought (gulp!), so I’d just gone for my usual “Lady Dragon” size, which, up until then, had been one size smaller than I usually wear. I got these during the winter, and didn’t have much of an opportunity to wear them, so it was only when I ordered my fifth pair (Look, it’s an addition, OK?) that I realised the sizing seemed to have changed with these shoes, and the latest releases fit much truer to size, meaning that one size down means one size too small. I realised this in time to exchange the last pair I bought for the size up, but it was too late for these, and while they are still wearable, they’re definitely the least comfortable of my Lady Dragon collection, so I tend to reserve them for days when I won’t have to do a huge amount of walking.

Luckily for me, Saturday was one of those days, so these made it through the challenge: just another three pairs of Lady D’s to go!

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon heart shoes


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