S.O.S: Save our Shoes! Join the new Shoeper Shoe Challenge!

Shoeper Shoe Challenge

Last year I challenged you to wear every pair of shoes you own in the space of a year – and get rid of any pairs you didn’t manage to “save” by wearing.

This year, I’m challenging you to once again save your shoes by wearing them: any you don’t wear, you lose!

S.O.S: Save our Shoes!

Do you have too many shoes?

Do you buy shoes and then never (or rarely) wear them, leaving them to gather dust?

Do you find yourself wearing the same shoes over and over, no matter how many other pairs are available?

Then this challenge is for you.

Shoeperwoman challenges you to wear every pair of shoes you own within the space of a year … or lose them.

You’re also invited to join our community of fellow Shoe Saviours, and document your process here on Shoeperwoman.com.

Up for the challenge? Here’s how it works:

1. Count your shoes.

2. Sign up for a Shoeper Profile. [Click here to do it]

3. Begin your challenge! Shoes are “saved” simply by wearing them: you can prove that you’ve worn each pair by snapping a quick photo of yourself wearing them (or just of the shoes themselves, if you prefer) and posting it on your profile. You can also use your profile area to chat to other Shoe Saviours and swap advice and encouragement.

4. Any shoes which remain unworn at the end of your year must be donated to charity, or otherwise disposed of: use ’em or lose ’em!

For those of you who took the challenge last year, there are really only two main differences: one is that you’re not obliged to photograph your outfit if you don’t want to: you’re free to simply post a photo of the shoes . The second change is that this is a rolling challenge: there is no official start and end date, so you can start your challenge today, next week, or even next month if you want. (So for those of you stumbling upon this post in July, or November, say, and wondering if you can still join in: YES, you can.) Once your challenge has started, you have one year to the day to complete it: good luck!

Ready to get started? Click here to register your profile! You might also want to read the Challenge Rules and Frequently Asked Questions.

P.S. If you’re taking part, I’d love for you to link back to Shpeperwoman.com: feel free to grab a badge below:


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