Shoe Save # 57/79: An unexpected challenge

Miss KG grey and pink Minne pumps

WHAT: Miss KG ‘Minnie’ pumps in grey and pink
WHEN: Saturday, November 19th, 2011

I was absolutely determined to save at least one pair of shoes this weekend, so I broke out my Miss KG ‘Minnie’ pumps, even although I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear with them. These shoes have actually been harder to save than I’d anticipated, and I’m not really sure why, because I do love them. I think it’s possibly the colours that have thrown me a little: in theory, grey and pale pink should be the easiest colours in the world to match, but somehow everything I tried them with seemed just slightly off. The outfit I finally settled on was one of those ones that looks better in your head than it does in real life, and I was running late by then anyway, so I decided to make this post a “shoes only” one. Still, at least these are safe now, and I have time to come up with something better next time I wear them!

Miss KG minnie pumps


  • Typo in the headline there – it should be 57/79. If ONLY there were only two more pairs to get through!

  • Joanna via Facebook says:

    I happen to own a pair of those gorgeous shoes, and I wear them with tights in the exact same colour as yours. Tights and heels create quite a matchy-matchy set, so I relax the rest of my outfit a bit, to avoid looking too polished ;) Unless I’m having a matchy-matchy day :)

  • Francoise says:

    I have a hard time wearing dark grey, because I find it doesn’t go well with black (similar to black and navy or black and brown). The tights above look like a good match. I probably would wear the shoes with jeans or bare legs, and no black.

  • Tracey says:

    Even though everyone says they are hard to wear (the colours, not the actual shoes) I still want them. I love them.

  • Denise says:

    They are so beautiful! I love the colors, and I loved the shoes with tights! I normally only wear black tights with boots, but now I’ll get inspired to wear them with grey shoes when back to winter in Jan/Feb!

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