Nautical style canvas pumps from H&M

Nautical style canvas pumps from H&M

As summer begins, so does my search for the perfect pair of canvas flats: ideally in red or navy, which are my “go-to” summer colours. These are just the perfect shoes for a beachy type of holiday: they’re comfortable, cute, and the canvas uppers are very breathable, so although they’re closed pumps, they’ll still keep your feet nice and cool. I would be lost without mine, and tend to wear them out every summer, and have to replace them the next year. Luckily this year I won’t have to look too far for my replacements, because H&M are selling the perfect nautical flats, for just £12 each. If I could only pick one, I’d go for the red pair, but at that price there’s not much to stop you buying both…

Click here to buy them.


  1. Cute…apart from the vamp being too shallow for my liking! Is it just me or are most pumps/ballet flats these days a bit stingy on the vamp front?? Am I terribly out of date wanting a deeper toe?!?!? LOL!

    • I’m the same! Can’t stand it when you can half see your toesies because there is not enough shoe to cover it. Often even if I really love a shoe I won’t buy it for that reason.

      Someone I know refers to it as ‘toe cleavage’.

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