Moda in Pelle pink ‘Cinderella’ peep toes

Moda in Pelle pink ‘Cinderella’ peep toes

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I know Cinderella wore a glass slipper, but I think she might have been just as pleased with her namesake shoes by Moda in Pelle, too. Well, glass just doesn’t sound comfortable for a shoe, does it?

These are available in pink and beige, and while my instinct was to show you the pink version, seen above, I’m also rather keen on the beige:

The pattern on the heel and toe looks a bit like lace from a distance and gives these a lovely, delicate look: somehow “Cinderella” seems like a fitting name for them! The pale colours would make both of these shoes very easy to style, but which ones would you go for?

These are £99.99 at Viva la Diva: click here to buy them.


  1. I love the combination of the back part with the colours. I think I would go for the beige. I saw a similar color combination as the pink ones earlier while browsing but it wasnt done as nicely as this

  2. I’d go for the pink. These shoes are super feminine and the ballet slipper pink just cranks that up to eleven. I’d wear these with a white sundress.

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