Zara asymmetric court shoes

Zara asymmetric court shoes

zra asymmetric court shoes


Zara asymmetric court shoes

I can’t take the credit for finding these amazing shoes: that has to go to Shoeperwoman reader Momo, who left me a comment about them earlier today, forcing me to stop what I was doing so I could waste no time in telling you about them. It’s a shoe emergency, readers!

I would also probably have stopped what I was doing in order to buy these shoes, but sadly they’re already sold out in my size. Looks like there’s a trip to Zara in my near future, then. If you wear anything other than a UK size 3 or 4, however, you’re in luck: you can buy them here.

UPDATE: 15/10/2013

When I wrote about Zara’s black asymmetric heels back in 2011, I knew they were gorgeous, but I had absolutely no idea just how popular they would prove to be! The shoes sold out within a couple of days of this post going live, and were spotted on the feet of legions of fashion bloggers who were apparently lucky enough to grab a pair before they were gone for good.

Actually, though, those shoes weren’t QUITE gone for good. They started to appear on eBay within weeks, but if you were hoping to grab a bargain, you’d have been disappointed: such was the popularity of the Zara asymmetric court shoes that even used pairs were selling for upwards of £200. Despite the price, the shoes were selling fast – often before the end of the auction, with desperate shoe fans willing to pay way more than the shoes were actually worth in order to secure a pair.

Where to find Zara asymmetric court shoes now?

It’s been a couple of years now since these shoes were released, which leaves you with just a couple of options if you really want a pair:

1. eBay

The shoes don’t come up on eBay nearly as often these days, but a search for “Zara asymmetric court shoes” will sometimes turn up a pair – try saving the search, so you can be emailed when they appear, rather than having to keep on searching the site. The good news is that when these shoes DO come up on eBay, they no longer command such a high price, so you have a much better chance of actually being able to buy them.

2. Alternatives to the Zara asymmetric court shoes

Since the shoes were released, many other brands cottoned on to their popularity and started manufacturing their own “inspired by” versions, some of which are very similar to the originals (and some not so much). Take a look at the gallery below to see a selection of shoes which may or may not bear a passing resemblance to the infamous Zara asymmetric court shoes!


  1. These have some serious Louboutin-ness going on!!! Adore them. Wanted to buy them. And then I saw they are not available (yet?) on the Belgian Zara website. Trip to the store for me as well, I guess. Maybe better, don’t know if Zara sizes run small or big…

  2. They are to die for! Curiously similar to an old pair of shoes by Stella Mccartney, aren’t they? The ones Kirsten Dunst wore all the time a few years back. These:

  3. WOW! I’m really excited *O*
    My name on Shoeperwoman ;D wonderful!!

    Dear Amber and Readers in 3 and 4 sizes, a friend of mine lives in Spain and sometimes..(er…ALWAYS, ok!) she buy for me Zara shoes: there they are more cheaper and have a lot of stock!! I just found my 4 size, would you like i search for these sizes? Hihih


  4. Hi,
    I think these shoes are absolutely amazing and would love to get a pair. However I went onto Zara’s website and the black asymetric court shoe on the site is definitely not the same as the one above here!The one on this site is way nicer, than the one advertised on Zara’s site. Can anyone shed any light on that?! Thanks

  5. Hello!

    First of all, Shoeperwoman, I love your site!!

    I just wanted to say that I ADORE these shoes so much, that I begged a friend to buy them for me while on a trip to Spain. Unfortunately, though they fit in length, my wide feet can’t fit well in the toe box :( :(

    Therefore I have them listed on eBay (size 38/5 UK/8 US) if anyone is interested.

  6. They are very contemporary and die for, my question is are they going to look good in any time of feet? I guess I’m going to have to try them in to my skinny feets

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